Complaints and Disputes


We hope your transactions progress smoothly on Destashery.

If we are notified of a dispute, we will attempt to discuss the dispute with both the seller and the buyer and may take actions such as suspending the seller's account if we think it appropriate. We do not have access to issue refunds to the buyer – the seller can do that, directly from their PayPal account.

If the dispute cannot be resolved, we will advise the unhappy party to use PayPal's protection and dispute resolution programme, which PayPal offers for buyers and sellers. PayPal is able to step in and reimburse parties.

Note that PayPal requires sellers to do certain things, such as:

  • Send items with proof of delivery
  • Be upfront about all the details of the item, specifically defects, condition and abnormalities.
  • Supply an accurate delivery estimate.

See their terms for further details: PayPal Buyer and Seller Protection (this link is to their UK protection details, please check your regional PayPal site for equivalent terms).