How transactions work (sellers)


A buyer starts the process

If someone wants to buy an item you have listed for sale, they will authorise the payment and you will receive an email notifying you that this has happened:

 You accept or reject their request to buy the item

You can then log in to your Destashery account, and open your inbox as shown to either accept the request or reject the request. You can also message the buyer. Please send the buyer an explanation if you have rejected the request.

Go to your inbox by hovering on your initials on the top right of the screen:

Click on the transaction which is marked waiting for your response:

Then click ‘accept request’ to complete the sale, or ‘not this time’ to decline the buyer’s request. Confirm your choice on the following screen.

The transaction progress is shown via messages in a ‘conversation’ thread. You don’t have to write in the ‘reply’ box unless you want to send a message yourself. (You could update the buyer when the item has shipped, for example).

Completing the transaction

The buyer then has the option to mark the transaction completed (once they receive the item), or raise a dispute. You will be notified when they do this.


The buyer is able to leave feedback about you, and you will be able to leave feedback about the buyer. All feedback is visible to others, on your user profile page.

Close the listing

You should then close the listing if you only have one of the item in question, to avoid receiving further requests to buy.